A Complete Solution

US-based call answering. Philippines-based admin tasks. Leave it all to us.

The Best of Both Worlds

Cara allows you to take advantage of the phone handling skills of US-based work from home call center agents while utilizing the hardworking efficiency of Philippines-based administrative help.

We help you get the most done, in the most effective way, at an incomparable rate.

Our US-Based Agents

(Your Front Office)

Cara uses US-based agents that handles each call with a smile. Our US agents can answer questions, book appointments, perform outbound calls on your behalf.

Our agents can also transfer calls to you, anyone at your company, or one of our agents on the Philippines side.

Our Philippines-Based Admins

(Your Back Office)

We use trained, college-educated, experienced agents in the Philippines to handle just about everything you need on the back end.

Our admins can handle daily and on-demand admin tasks such as email inquiries, lead generation, report generation and social media posts.

We’ve got your back.

As a team, we collaborate and assign the best people to handle each task for your company. Because there are many people working on your behalf, there are no sick days, no vacations and you won’t have to scramble to take care of things while your staff is out of the office.

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